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ZO Skin Health treatments consist of medical grade skincare products that provides an effective and scientifically proven skin care regime. Not only does it target signs of ageing, pigmentation, scarring, rosacea, and sun damage, it’s also key to preserving youth and preventing further signs of ageing. Your ZO regime will fit in realistically with your busy daily life, while giving effective and noticeable results. Get the ZO glow!

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Smoother, tighter and clearer skin that glows ZO Skin Health

High quality medical grade skin care range

Given that ZO Skin Health products bridges a gap between a daily skin care regime and therapeutic treatments, they provide your skin with the best of both worlds. Further combining this skin care with other treatments provides optimal results. You’ll receive an individualised skin care treatment plan from our advanced medical aesthetic practitioner.

  • Key to anti-aging
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces visible signs of sun damage
  • Improve appearance of acne scarring
  • Balance skin tone
  • Improve overall quality and texture of your skin
  • Comprehensive skin analysis with expert advice

Frequently Asked Questions

About ZO Skin Health

  • How often will I need to apply my ZO Skin Health product?

    We’ll give you comprehensive advice on how and when to apply the product you have been prescribed from ZO Skin Health. It may be as much as twice daily, or as little as once a week.

  • What are pharmaceutical grade skin care products?

    ZO Skin Health is a pharmaceutical grade product. It means it has more active ingredients than any aesthetic product you’d be able to buy over the counter. This is why guidance is provided on its application and aftercare. This is a prescription only skin care range and must be purchased from a Zo trained medical professional.

  • Are ZO Skin Health products suitable for me?

    The ZO Skin Health product that has been prescribed for you should help you achieve your skin goals and preserve youth. A thorough skin assessment will have been performed prior to prescription to ensure your suitability.

Your journey

Your consultation

A medical skin care consultation will provide a full skin analysis and assessment, with a view to providing the ZO skin care health products that will help you improve the condition of your skin and then maintain your improved look.

Your treatment

We’ll provide full guidance on how to apply ZO Skin health products. You’ll leave our Cambridge clinic knowing when and how the product you’ve been prescribed should be applied.


We offer follow up to ensure that that your new skin care regime is continuing to prove helpful in improving the appearance of your skin, as well as provide you with advice on any treatments that can be used in combination with your ZO product to give yourself an extra aesthetic boost.

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    “As my 50th Birthday approached I decided it was time to consider aesthetic treatments that could help soften the aging process. I met Leila and was instantly put at ease. I wasn’t sure what treatments I wanted but knew what areas I wanted improvement in. Leila talked through all of the options I could consider.”


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